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Because God

Ain't Boring

Or Irrelevant

He's more than rules and religion. 

He's Love. Freedom. A Wild Journey.

In short, Everything We Need. 

Come on in and find a place to stop, take a deep breath, and let the adventure begin!

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Misti Gil

Get to know

Author. Bible Teacher. Fellow Normal Person Seeking To Take God Up On His Offer of a Meaningful Life.


Love Throughout

In LOVE THROUGHOUT, you'll unearth the unwavering love of a constant God in 66 daily Bible Study Shorts. You will visit every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and discover the deep adoration of God through short Bible readings, Misti's input, and questions to process. As you spend these brief moments unveiling God's multifaceted love found all throughout the Scriptures, you'll train yourself to recognize the countless, diverse ways God communicates that love to you every day.


—  Misti Gil

Daily Bible Videos

Join the Online Community!

Join our online community as we read through the Bible chronologically in one year. It's not January? No worries! Just jump on in today. In each video I will share some interesting tidbits from the previous day's reading and tell you what to read next - all in under ten minutes a day. It's a fun way to journey through the entire Bible and do it with friends and a travel guide. Come on!


Thinking about . . .

Sometimes I have thoughts. Sometimes I feel like they must get out right this minute. Here's where they go. 


Let's Talk!

Find out my availability and upcoming events!

Topics Include:

  • Creating space for you and your creator

  • What does "resting in God" even mean?

  • What does God want with me? 

  • Love throughout the Bible and what it means for you

  • Other topics upon request.

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