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Hi, I'm Misti Gil

Life with God is meant to make a difference. Here, I hope to provide a space for Him to do just that with you.

So Let's Go!

About Misti

In my early forties, I woke up one day to realize I was exhausted, unmotivated, and emotionally dead inside. I had been a Christian for 15 years, and, honestly, it wasn't working for me anymore. I was tired, and this freedom all the church people were talking about seemed more like a treat for the Christian elite. And that, I was not.

For months upon months, while I shook my fist at God, He systematically and lovingly showed me how a need to please,  efforts to control, and tendencies to find worth in accomplishments completely derail freedom.

Full, free life would come in letting go of those things.

So, that's where I'm at - releasing efforts to create meaning on my own terms and doing my best to let God do it on His. So much of the time, that comes in learning to rest in God and His ways.


My husband, son, and I hail from the Lone Star State. That's Texas for all you non-southerners. When I'm not contemplating Jesus, the empty nest, or my recent ADHD diagnosis, I'm teaching teens the Bible daily in a classroom that looks more like a coffee shop. It all makes for a good life, even when it's tough. God is good all the  time, and all the time He is good.

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