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A Worthy Skirmish

Today I had a good prayer day, but that is not always the case. Many days I find myself 30 minutes into my "prayer time" scrolling through Instagram or making a shopping list. Yesterday I wrote emails. Anyone else? But today? Today I made it through most of my list! Boomstick!

Buuuut, as I was praying for a particular thing my husband has been struggling with for a long time - a lifetime, really - I sensed God say, "Remember how flippant you used to be about this with him? Now that you deal with it too, you can see how difficult it is."

I immediately felt thankful for my struggle - the hard thing of his that is now my hard thing as well. It is giving me clearer vision.

You see, I used to actually look at my husband and tell him to just not do the thing that was causing his issue. Yes, yes I did (eye rolls all around). Like it's that easy. Sheesh. I was so dismissive because the battle that had grown to the size of a 100-year oak in his yard wasn't even a leaf on my tree.

God allowing Lou's battle to now be something I also battle has gifted me with the ability to understand his fight better. And for that I can be grateful. I'm not fond of the trial. I don't particularly like having to admit it about myself and ask God for His help, but getting a glimpse into the daily wrestling match Lou faces is worth every punch I have to throw in my own fight.

I learned a valuable lesson today as I sat in my car and prayed: Just because something is easy for me doesn't make it easy for someone else. I devalue their struggle when I react flippantly to it.

I'm praying that as we meet faces in our world today, God would give us eyes to see the intensity of their battle. That we would be overcome with compassion and a willingness to help in whatever way God desires. That when people happen into our circle, they receive understanding, love and God's message of hope and healing. Make it so, LORD.

Jesus, thank you for conviction that is without shame. Thank you for allowing us to experience struggles so we can understand others better and then comfort them with the comfort you have given us. I pray for anyone who is in their own battle today. Please allow them to see you in the midst of it, depend on you for peace, hope and strength and come to the end of it waving your banner of victory for all to see. I pray YOU get the glory and they receive the wholeness. We love you, amen.

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