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Whoa, God.

You may have heard about a little thing I did this past week. It felt like a trippy trek using the Dr. Strange time traveler doohickey. Last I remembered, I was wandering through a spiritual foggy wasteland, and then all of a sudden, I had published a book about the many facets of God's love for us. I really can't understand where the last 2 years went.

You see, 24 months ago I was wondering if I would ever feel about God like I used to - excited, joyful, full of purpose. I was arriving home from a demanding job I loved and falling straight into bed to binge for hours on crime TV every night. Every. Night. I had no desire to spend time with God or people. I just didn't have it in me. I was empty. And tired. Spent.

Then God began changing things up. I know most people don't like change, but I'm into it, man. He moved us to a new church, led me to a few books that breathed Life and Truth into me, and suddenly, the fog began to lift and a new landscape appeared. And smack dab in the middle of the fresh terrain? God cradling my decade-long dream in His outstretched hands.

It was time. He was finally giving me the clear to walk my first steps toward my writing dreams. After all these years of waiting and wondering and doubting, He was confirming that I didn't make it all up. He really wanted me to pen words in His name and share them with the world. I still shake my head in amazement when I hold my first book baby in my hand. I had almost given up in the wilderness.

Only God.

Only God can transform fog into clear skies. Only the Almighty can reopen a dry well and pipe it with rivers of words. Only God can bring life out of death.

Wherever you are today, please remember darkness isn't forever. Confusion isn't eternal. The Sovereign Lord knows all things, controls them all and heals completely. It's just what He does. He's in the middle of your turbulence and wants to bring you stillness. Calmer weather is coming. He's faithful and at work. So would you allow me to pray a prayer of active remembering for you as you move into this weekend?

God Almighty, Ruler of Everything We See, thank you that you hold all we cherish most in your strong, able, tender, loving hands. You see our pain. You are witness to our confusion. And you are NOT sitting idly by. You are active, even if we can't see you clearly right now. We are CHOOSING to remember that you love us, you're for us, you're working your ways in your time and those ways are perfect. You know us; you know our situation, and you are handling it perfectly. Help us trust you in that. Thank you for your ever-watchful care of us. We trust you. In Jesus' name, amen.

Go in peace knowing God's got your back!

Love to you,


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