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A Poem of Dependence

Follow you?

Trust you?

What does that even mean?

When life is askew

and the future unseen?

When all turns are dark

And shadows assail

Confusion hangs heavy

And faith seems to fail?

It makes more sense

To research and try

To figure it out

Answer all the whys.

Surely God meets me

As I dig and plot

The course I think best

For our little lot.

But as I scurry and race

And rack my brain

There is no peace

For this fast-moving train.

It brings only fear

Overwhelming worry

As it soon becomes clear

God is not in a hurry.

He will not work on my schedule

Nor honor my frantic best

He will ask me to pause

He will speak in the rest.

He will prove himself faithful

If I'll just stop and hear

The Voice that's been whispering

Ever so near.

He IS my good Shepherd

He HAS been guiding

But I shut Him out

With my fake abiding.

Running to people

Is not running to Him.

Scouring the internet

Proves impotent.

The only way

I'll receive Your leading

Is to come to You first

With my untainted pleading.

You have the answer

You know the way

And if I'll just listen

You have so much to say.

So here I am

Fully dependent on You

To make yourself clear

Show me what to do.

You understand me

Inside and out

You know how to reach me

And clear up the doubt.

So speak in the stillness

And tend to my heart

Take my chaotic mess

Turn it into art.

A picture of a life

Surrendered fully

Quiet and trusting

Obedient wholly.

You will not fail me

You will come through

As I wait for the guidance

Of the Faithful and True.

I wait and I trust.

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